Ian Bibby blows the rest away! Tour of Britain, Stage 2, by Maxine Dodd

Thank you!

Hello! Today, WordPress contacted me to say that over 1,000 people have signed up to follow ‘Racing Lines’. This is wonderful news and I wish to thank everyone. Your ‘follows’ are very much appreciated. With warmest wishes, Maxine

Much-loved Schmincke HORADAM® watercolours My much-loved Schmincke HORADAM® watercolours and Rotring ArtPen

So much in three years…

Hello!  I wanted to write a post of thanks to readers of ‘Racing Lines’, as it is three years since it began. In that short time, I have been amazed and delighted by the response. I now have the honour of one of my posts being featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’. Creating a blog has been a wonderful experience and the outcomes more than I could possibly have imagined.  Thanks very much indeed! 

Maxine Dodd, Dash for the line - Work in progress

Drawing February: My studio

Hello! Drawing in February is going to be great if today’s weather holds. It’s so sunny in my little studio that I’ve opened the windows to let in the fresh air. The sun is casting a shadow across my drawing just now, so I thought it would be good time to pause, take some photos and share with you. Following last week’s snowdrops, I’ve been working with pastel again – the colours are so alive, they’re great. My subject this week has been cycling, at the point just before the riders cross the line – a ‘heads down’ sprint, you might…

Little darlings - Stage 8, Maxine Dodd, mixed media drawing

Drawing January: Snowdrops in colour

Hello! Another January drawing, again looking at snowdrops. This little group grow in the yard of our village church. What you see below are the stages of one drawing, Little Darlings. I wanted to use the transition effect to animate the stages a little. The most recent stage (stage 8) appears underneath. I’m nervous of this in some ways – often I see a stage when perhaps it would have been best to stop…Nevertheless, here is my drawing in its underclothes of watercolour up to its top dress in pastel: