Sunshine inspiration…

In January, there is nothing better than reminders of sunny days. Looking through some of my pictures made in Mallorca brings back good memories and inspiration for the year ahead…can’t wait! Wishing you sunshine inspiration too…

Cycling art, MallorcaCycling art, MallorcaCycling art, MallorcaCycling art, MallorcaStage 1, Mallorca, Blue Skiescycling art, Mallorca

Mallorca Classic

Fantastic end to our holiday in Mallorca, the fourth stage of the Mallorca Classic bike race, which started and finished in the Port. The route climbed into the Serra de Tramuntana, challenging climbs with very strong winds. These are a few of my sketches, some I added colour to afterwards but the others I left as ink drawings which I may develop further when we settle back home.

My favourite house…

Mallorca, villa, bougainvillea

I think, to be honest, that this is the favourite house of many visitors but what’s not to love? I call it the ‘Bougainvillea Villa’ because it is shaded by the largest pink bougainvillea you could wish to see. I draw it or paint it every time we come, as it is such a pretty place and I never quite get it but I love to try.

I often wonder how many photos and artworks it features in, probably thousands in just one season alone? Either way, it’s a lovely house and here are my fresh attempts today…

Mallorca: Almond times

Almond times - Mallorca

Hello! This picture inspired by my favourite island – Mallorca. At this time of year, the almond blossom is in full bloom and it’s really pretty wherever you go! 🙂

Almond times - Mallorca
Almond times – Mallorca – £250

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Swimming pool, abstract art

Time to relax and to be in a special place – for us, it’s Mallorca – just a few days to go before we come home to autumn 🍂 This mixed media sketch is an abstract inspired by the poolside lifesavers.

Swimming pool, abstract art

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Challenge Mallorca 2017: Trofeo Porreres

Cycling art, Mallorca

Hello! Mallorca is a popular winter training ground for many top cycling teams, the terrain of the island providing a great mix of climbs and long flats – bathed in gentle sunshine. This winter has been extraordinary with the island (and most of southern Europe) subject to storms and snowfalls for the first time in many years. Glad to say that things settled a little on the first day of the Mallorca Challenge, with a lovely course for the sprinters. Stage 1 was won in style by Andre Greipel. I forgot to say, by the way, that Mallorca is one of my favourite places, so for me, to see a road race there is just about perfect! Here are my drawings:

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Good to be back

Mallorca, art, vacation

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted, for a few reasons but chief among them was a much-desired and needed spell of R and R, with good dollop of sunshine and sea! Back to work now but here are a few sketches made while away… just as a reminder! Have a wonderful weekend! Here are my drawings:

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