Stage 2 – Visé to Tournai

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Stage 2 – An exciting stage with huge sprint at the end. Mark Cavendish steams through to win. From my point of view, I tried to capture the peloton for the first time – what a fascinating beast that is? To see so many bodies and bikes weaving through the streets – the aerial shots are amazing. Aside from that, it was full tilt to the finish!

Here are some more drawings.

Stage 1 – Liège to Seraing

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Stage 1 – the real start to the race – I still feel like I’m playing catch up but working my way through! Here are some more drawings.

The Prologue – Liège to Liège

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Great start to this year’s Tour. I decided to try and draw each stage.

Working like a person possessed with several sketchbooks at once. I felt as though I missed everything.

Still, here are the first few drawings … my prologue!


Welcome to my new blog, which follows this year’s Tour de France in quick sketches… very quick!  Each day, I make drawings from the broadcast of the Tour in sketchbooks. I use ink pen to make the drawing and add watercolour washes later. I’m making this blog  to help me to learn how to blog (currently it’s harder than making the drawings and they’re bad enough – Those cyclists keep moving!) Perhaps I’ll crack it by 22nd July!