Fire-breathing Dragons

Well, it’s the end of a long but absorbing day of rugby. The final weekend of Six Nations Rugby 2013 saw Wales’s young stars run hard and fast to retain their champion status. England frustrated. Elsewhere, the fight was to avoid the wooden spoon. Surprising outcomes but a fascinating tournament once again. Here are my drawings:

Weekend grind

The second weekend of 2013 Six Nations Rugby was a stark contrast to the first. Pitches carved up like ribbon, some teams faded while others surged. Scotland rode roughshod over Italy and a change in the fortunes of France and Wales, the latter’s young side developing with great pace and strength. Ireland and England’s match felt like two giants slogging it out. A weekend to contemplate indeed! Here are my drawings:

Oh Calcutta… Cup!

Six Nations Rugby continued with England and Scotland playing for the Calcutta cup. What a fantastic game? Fast and furious – from late afternoon to evening with great change in light on the way. The pace was relentless all the way through, I really couldn’t keep up! So difficult to draw – I was transfixed by socks! So many pairs and all black!  The drawings were ragged and abstract – but what a game! Here are my drawings:

Six Nations under a groove

Six Nations Rugby Union starts today. Wonderful tournament of rugby – my favourite in fact. I’ve just watched and sketched Wales and Ireland, the opening contest this year. In 10 minutes or so, England and Scotland play for the Calcutta cup. So pleased to be back to drawing some sport – feeling very rusty and challenged to high heaven trying to keep up!  Here are my drawings: