Divers on the wall

Sketching and drawing women’s diving today from the European championships. Using larger drawing paper A2, I drew with ink and brush, charcoal.

It’s extraordinary to watch and very hard to draw, but great to try…I put them up on the wall at the end of the day. Thought it would be good to see them together.

Detailed view

“If you are not skillful enough to sketch a man jumping out of a window in the time it takes him to fall from the fourth storey to the ground, you will never be able to produce great works.”

Eugene Delacroix

… I reckon he’d struggle with women divers!

Especially Espresso, mixed media drawing of gladioli by Maxine Dodd

Drawing August: Especially Espresso

It’s Drawing August time! An online event to celebrate and encourage drawing. Simply post a drawing every day throughout the month using the hashtag #DrawingAugust.

Especially Espresso

This is my first for this year, a mixed media drawing of my gladioli ‘Espresso’ which I made with a combination of watercolour and charcoal.