Thursday #3 – Green aprons

Thanks to all our carers, doctors, nurses and key workers.

Green aprons, oil pastel by Maxine Dodd
Green aprons
Oil pastel and watercolour on paper,
40cm x 40cm / 16in x 16in

Keep going, keep well and stay safe 🌈

Thursday #1 – ‘Resus is a high level PPE area’

The initiative to clap for carers officially came to a close last week – so I wanted to offer a gesture of support to everyone providing continued, dedicated service by publishing a picture on Thursdays at 8pm, the time we all came out to clap.

This image is a study drawing, made in oil pastel and ink, of doctors and nurses entering resus through the entrance doors, with printed signs – ‘Resus is a high level PPE area’.

All the issues around PPE in the UK brought to mind in a simple phrase.

With thanks to all who work on the frontline. Keep well 🌈

Resus is a high level PPE area, oil on pastel, 40cm x 40cm
‘Resus is a high level PPE area’