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Six Nations 2019 – Wales triumph

Hello!  The weekend saw an outstanding win for Wales rugby, not only of the Six Nations tournament but with a Grand Slam to boot – It doesn’t get much better than that! I think back to the their first half performance against France in the first match and what a transformation. They found their feet in the second half of that game and played relentlessly thereafter – simply outstanding. Meanwhile, the tournament finished as it began, with a game of two very different halves. This time it was England who were doing all they could to snatch defeat from the…

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Six Nations 2019 – Drawing live

Hello!  This weekend saw another dramatic round of matches in the Six Nations tournament. Surprises, upsets and resurgence, all with some great rugby. I won’t say too much about the results, I know some people may not have caught up yet. However, I wanted to publish these while the games are so fresh in mind.   I made them while watching the games – I make them almost as ‘automatic drawings’ (ie  looking at the subject only and not the paper)  I watch and draw, barely looking at the page in front of me. This gives gestural marks which suggest…

Six Nations 2019 – Round 1

Hello!  What a start to 2019’s Six Nations Rugby tournament?  Simply stunning!  It was exciting and unpredictable with results not going as expected and play just fabulous to watch. Here are some of my first impressions from last week – quick sketches and one finished piece, as they came, warts and all! Roll on Round 2!

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Crunch time!

Hello! Not long to go before the first match in this year’s Six Nations Rugby tournament – the sporting event that comes along in the depths of winter – we love it in our house. It’s great subject to draw, so fast and energetic, with good colour – it has it all This weekend’s opening matches see France against Wales, Scotland face Italy and Ireland versus England, all classics. With the Rugby World Cup coming up later this year, these matches will give all the teams and fans a glimpse of what’s to come.  I can’t wait!

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World Cup 2018: Sweden v England- Harry Maguire – What a magnificent header!

Hello! I know that I should be posting pictures from the first day of this year’s Tour de France…  But this was incredible and I just had to post this first – a very quick picture of Harry Maguire’s superb header in yesterday’s match against Sweden. England now have a place in the semi-finals of a World Cup – A-ma-zing!!!   Have a lovely Sunday 🙂 Here’s to Harry!

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World Cup 2018: England v Panama – Harry Kane sets about taking the net apart!

Hello! Following a football World Cup is a rollercoaster ride for all fans!  I find that I have a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, excitement,  gloom and despair as a tournament goes on. This could well be the fact that I support England and, as all England fans will tell you, it’s never an easy watch! However, so far, there has been more than a glimmer of hope – plenty of things to lift an English heart – There have been goals and plenty of them, proper passing and a formation that works! Good leadership from the manager and a captain…

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Six Nations – Impressions

Hello! A last look at this year’s Six Nations tournament and welcome to Spring…  Time seems to be flying this year. There was a bittersweet end for England fans, their team won the tournament but failed to achieve the Grand Slam as they made a very convincing loss against Ireland – who played them off the park! The images here are a mixture of colour and grisaille (grey tones) which is something I’ve been exploring the past few weeks. There’ll be more of these but this was the start… Here are my drawings: