World Cup 2018: Sweden v England- Harry Maguire – What a magnificent header!

Hello! I know that I should be posting pictures from the first day of this year’s Tour de France…  But this was incredible and I just had to post this first – a very quick picture of Harry Maguire’s superb header in yesterday’s match against Sweden.

England now have a place in the semi-finals of a World Cup – A-ma-zing!!!   Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

football art, world cup 2018, england, harry maguire

What a magnificent header!

Here’s to Harry!

World Cup 2018: England v Panama – Harry Kane sets about taking the net apart!

Hello! Following a football World Cup is a rollercoaster ride for all fans!  I find that I have a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, excitement,  gloom and despair as a tournament goes on. This could well be the fact that I support England and, as all England fans will tell you, it’s never an easy watch!

However, so far, there has been more than a glimmer of hope – plenty of things to lift an English heart – There have been goals and plenty of them, proper passing and a formation that works! Good leadership from the manager and a captain who is a real star, leading his team as a captain should, by great example.

Football, World Cup 2018, Harry Kane, England

Harry Kane set about taking the net apart!

This picture shows his penalty taken against Panama – in the first game these teams have ever played against each other.

The BBC commentator, Guy Mowbray, came out with a lovely description of the penalty, ‘That was emphatic! Harry Kane set about taking the net apart!’  Long may he continue to do that!!!

Here’s to Harry!