Ndidi with a wonder-strike

Ndidi wonder strike!
Ndidi wonder strike!

Leicester City are playing some great football just now – which is lovely to see as a lifelong fan – Wilfred Ndidi is a phenomenal asset to this team – just a joy to watch him play. He scored an absolute wonder goal against Chelsea – this view just before he took it but I love the juxtaposition of his blue shirt against the orange of the goalkeeper’s kit – I feel that there will be more pictures to come – this was great to make and a little bit larger than usual, which was nice. Welcome to 2021!

Have a good Saturday 🙂

Ndidi wonder strike!

Ndidi Wonder-strike


Original watercolour, pen and ink with pastel


26.7cm x 36.5cm / 10.5in x 14.5in

Chilwell SuperStrike

Premier League football came out of Lockdown to strangely silent stadia, fans on Zoom, commentary with or without crowd sounds… all very odd, and yet somethings never change. Leicester City take their fans (including me) on a rollercoaster ride whenever they set foot on the pitch.We never know how it will go and they delight and confound by turn.

Chilwell superstrike
Chilwell superstrike

Even though they drive me mad, I love them and when they shine, they shine bright. Here is an image from the first match back after lockdown against Watford.

Ben Chilwell scored a beauty in the 90th minute – only for an equally spectacular scissor kick from Watford’s Craig Dawson three minutes later… You can’t make it up really!

A big day for Leicester

Hello! The 2016 English Football season finished yesterday and for the fans of Leicester City, the Foxes, it was the last day of an astonishing year’s play. It feels as though the whole world knows the tale now but for citizens of Leicester and especially the team’s fans, we don’t tire of it! The team was facing relegation from the Premier League and from the bottom of the table, began to win matches. They managed to stay up. The start of the 2015-16 season saw them win and win and win and keep on winning until they secured the title of Premier League Champions for the first time in their 132 year history. (I’m astounded to think that Picasso was 3 years old when Leicester City Football Club began!) I haven’t been a fan quite as long as that but let’s say this… my uncle gave me my first football scarf – a little blue and white one – when I was 6 years old and I still have it many years later. My uncle is nearing his 88th birthday and is thrilled to bits by the team’s achievement as is the whole family and the City of Leicester. Tonight there will be the BIGGEST party in the city and the atmosphere is fantastic!  Here are my first impressions of this phenomenal team and their wonderful fans -Definitely more to come!

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