'It's so hot in there, we can't take a drink with our kit on' - Staff on ICU, BBC 2's 'Hospital'

Hospital – 2

At the start of the Lockdown, the BBC were allowed to film the staff and patients at the Royal Free Hospital in London, a huge hospital that specialises in contagious diseases. The resulting footage was made into two special programmes called, ‘Hospital’ which were broadcast on Monday and Tuesday – Week 8 of Lockdown.  The drawings and paintings shown here are based on images from these films. This trio of images were from the first programme where the healthcare nurses were able to film in the ICU, wearing chest cameras.  This particular scene took place with the words of the…

Hospital, critical care, healthworkers, watercolour pen and ink drawing


It’s hard to know where to begin… what a time it has been and will continue to be. Everything turned upside down. Tranquility where there was turmoil, confusion where there was certainty. Every news bulletin brings a new story and a new facet to the crisis. At the beginning of the year, my mum was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary and subsequently the Glenfield Hospital. A helpless observer at her bedside, I watched the staff at work, at first in the Intensive Care Unit and later the recovery wards, where she stayed throughout January, before being discharged to The Lawns…

SOLD - Heading for Holmfirth, by Maxine Dodd SOLD

‘Racing Lines: Le Tour’

Hello! I’m in the process of choosing work for my exhibition which opens at the end of June. Over next few weeks, I thought I would run a series of posts featuring some of the pictures that you’ll be able to see. This first collection is based around the first four stages of last year’s Tour de France, set in England and France. They are linked thematically but I’ve grouped them also because they were made in a wide panorama format. I love this paper because it ‘pushes’ the composition to an extra width and reduced height that a conventional landscape paper doesn’t give. See what you…

RideLondon 2014 – At last!

Hello! Well this has been a delay and no mistake!  Let’s just say that it’s been one of those weeks and maybe leave it there! But with my apologies and hope that you can remember RideLondon if you were following last weekend. The event saw two wonderful days’ racing, with the women competing in a really harum-scarum dash round London, with a great win for Giorgia Bronzini who held off World Champion Marianne Vos. On Sunday, the men followed the course – just about- of the Olympic road race to Surrey to London, but in appalling conditions at times, with so much…

RideLondon 2014 – very excited!

Hello! A great new cycling event took place in London last year, RideLondon engaged the whole cycling population of the city with races for amateurs and professionals alike. This weekend sees the second running and after the success of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, Cambridge and London in July, the Capital is going to be buzzing! Here are a few of my drawings from 2013 as a reminder – more to follow of course!:

Diving High

Hola! The World Championships for Diving and Swimming took place recently in the spectacular city of Barcelona. It was a great return to the pools used 21 years ago for the Olympics in 1992. A breathtaking outdoor location for diving, which was phenomenal! Here are my drawings:

Another great day

Another great day of sporting excellence. No medals for Team GB but still wonderful performances by all athletes. Drawing so many sports makes for a different challenge from following one. For example with diving, I had to show the progress of the dive in the one drawing. It is two views of the same dive. Here are a few impressions some of the day’s incredible variety of sport.