cycling art, Black, pink, yellow

Black, pink and yellow

Hello! Experimenting with larger sizes and combined materials – This piece was made using a combination of acrylic paint, scraped with card, brush and ink and the colour is a water-soluble pastel. What I love about this medium, is that when the pastel is very wet, it becomes like a paint, giving a great texture.  Have a good Monday! 🙂    

Across the blue


Hello! Progressing quietly through January with time to experiment -it’s nice to return to a medium or technique not used for a while. This time, I rediscovered acrylic paint and palette knives, thinking about landscape. It’s been so dark and grey here lately, that I felt the need for colour too – variations on the primaries, red, yellow and blue. Have a great weekend – Here are my paintings:   To enquire about the pictures, click here… Copyright Maxine Dodd