Olympics 2021 - Gymnastics: Vault, original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd

Olympic Games 2021 – Vault

Olympics 2021 - Gymnastics: Vault, original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Olympics 2021 – Gymnastics: Vault

Hello! The Olympic Games began in Tokyo last weekend – I confess that I have just been watching so far – taking it all in and resting after the work around the Tour de France.

For the first few days, it almost feels like a bombardment of sport, I rather enjoy the first week, because there is so much variety to see and enjoy. I like the different locations both indoor and outside and it’s these early events that give the viewer at home a feel for the location and how these special games are going to be.

So having taken a breath, I found that I soon wanted to start making pictures so I will post selected things that catch my eye and interest – from the point of view of making art and not necessarily illustrating performances.

Here is the first of these images – which I loved making – The challenge was the men’s gymnastic team event, where one discipline is followed by another so quickly. I made the pictures with several sketchbooks and papers on the go at the same time and moved between them – It was great!

Work setup, including the vault

This one of the vault discipline – which was just exhilarating! Lovely to watch and lovely to make – it’s a return to a more abstract approach, which I like. I used the fan brush to indicate the twists and turns as he flew through the air and the watercolour paint helped the image by flowing just beautifully – sometimes, it feels as though I’m there as a bystander almost, just guiding the paint and letting it do its ‘thing’!

I hope you like it too!

Jonny May Flying Try - Detail

Six Nations 2021 – Jonny May’s flying try

HERE’S JONNY! Apologies! I couldn’t resist, it’s a great line from a great film! Here I have pinched it to describe these three images of Jonny May, made after his astonishing try at England’s last match against Italy. He flew high into the air – before scoring an astonishing try. It was amazing.

I have made several images but these three are my favourites – all larger than my usual size, from A3 up to A2-ish! so the lines and materials have expanded from the usual watercolour, pen and ink to include brush and twig as well as pen for the ink lines and acrylic paint here and there in addition to the watercolour. I also used a palette knife to give texture to drag the paint across the page and give extra marks and texture.

I worked on the three of them over the course of a day or so – switching from one to another as the paint or ink needed to dry.

Fingers crossed for another flying performance from him today!

Speaking of which… better publish now before kickoff!

Rugby, art, Six Nations, tumult

Six Nations 2020 – Welcome back!

Hello! – It all feels a very long time ago since the 2020 Six Nations tournament got underway – how the World has changed since then!

I can’t imagine that there is one person on this planet whose life hasn’t changed dramatically one way or another since the tournament was postponed in March… but here we are, one way or another, near the end of October, thrashing around adapting to this new life, whilst desperately trying to continue with the old one!

To this end, there have been some fantastic sporting events taking place, all crammed into the last remaining months of the year, with topsy-turvey giddiness as they hurtle past!  Today sees a welcome return to the Six Nations with the match between Ireland and Italy this afternoon and a ‘super Saturday’ to look forward to next weekend.  I have my kit at the ready, as I love drawing rugby, it’s flow and twists and turns and the Herculean strength are a joy to watch. 

Here are some images featuring Italy and Ireland to whet your appetite – Enjoy!

Formula 1 – Austin, Texas

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Another thriller! Racing on the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas – this race did not disappoint. Red Bull took the Constructors’ Championship. Lewis Hamilton in dogged pursuit of Sebastian Vettel, finally took the race after a brilliant overtake in Lap 42, leaving the championship title open until the last race in Brazil. For me, I loved the contrast from Abu Dhabi – different light – bright sunshine, lovely rise and fall on the track, all of which added to the challenge of drawing this race. It was great to see Formula 1 back in America in such fine form and topped off with a British win! It doesn’t get much better than that – Here are my drawings.