Tour de France 2018: Stage 12 – Light in the mountains

Hello! I’m still making work from this year’s Tour – as always such a rich source of inspiration. This image follows the theme of the landscape again. The mountain stages are great favourites and this year, the Alpine stages included a memorable visit to the Alpe d’Huez. I was struck here, by the very decorative streetlamps on the road, but also the intense blue/purple/lilac colour of the mountains behind. The colour was so strong I mistakenly thought it was the sky! I called this picture ‘Light in the mountains’ to capture both these elements, the elegant street light and the exceptional light of the atmosphere.  Have a good Friday and happy holiday weekend!

cycling, tour de france, light in the mountains, original watercolour, pen and ink

Light in the mountains – Tour de France, Stage 12

Light in the mountains – Tour de France, Stage 12

Original watercolour, pen and ink
20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) image size.

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