La Course, Champs-Élysées, by Maxine Dodd

A wider perspective

Hello! I’ve been out and about a bit this week, including a visit to a local art group where we were looking at composition using a panorama. I think it’s a wonderful format which can be used for many subjects. It allows scope for storytelling, (the Bayeux Tapestry being one of the earliest and largest examples) cartoons and film all use the format – and you can do interesting things by turning it up on its end. Many cameras and phones offer a panorama setting these days, so it’s fun to try some. Have a lovely weekend! Here are some of my panoramas:

A surprise after the thaw

Well, what a change? The thaw came fast and strong with winds and rain! All the snow gone overnight. The surprise came on Monday when I discovered what I thought was a dead goldfish in our garden pond, was alive – just! I think he became trapped in the ice and too cold. I put him in some pondwater in a bowl in the shed and drew him. He looked very sad. However, he survived the night and looked much brighter the next day. I’m glad to say that this morning he was so much improved that I put him…