Maxine Dodd is a contemporary watercolour and mixed media artist, based in Leicestershire, UK. Her themes are action, movement, speed and the fleeting moments she finds in sport, landscapes and scenes from daily life.

Maxine drawing

Drawing first with pen and ink, I develop my images with watercolour, gouache, pastels and acrylic – on watercolour paper. My favourite place is working on a flat surface; floor, table, grass, beach or knees!

I am best known for my paintings of cycling, especially the Tour de France – a race which I love. My inspiration comes from sport, music, dance, gardens, wildlife, people, work – Life! All linked by movement and energy.

My process is spontaneous, making a colourful and expressive response to the scene I see before me. I work from live action, TV, news feeds and video – even sounds and commentary play a part in my work in the titles and surface marks.


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