Maxine Dodd, Dash for the line - Work in progress

Hello! Drawing in February is going to be great if today’s weather holds. It’s so sunny in my little studio that I’ve opened the windows to let in the fresh air. The sun is casting a shadow across my drawing just now, so I thought it would be good time to pause, take some photos and share with you. Following last week’s snowdrops, I’ve been working with pastel again – the colours are so alive, they’re great. My subject this week has been cycling, at the point just before the riders cross the line – a ‘heads down’ sprint, you might say. I realise looking round the room that I appear to have been working quite frenetically – there’s stuff EVERYWHERE! A tidy-up required methinks! Here is my drawing in progress, along with views of the studio and our garden below. Have a great weekend!

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8 responses to “Drawing February: My studio”

  1. Jackie Avatar

    Wonderful captures! Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

      My pleasure! It was a lovely day 🙂


  2. Sharon Mann Avatar
    Sharon Mann

    Lovely studio and beautiful pastels.


    1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

      Thank you so much, I do love them! The pastels are so vibrant and the studio is great. It makes all the difference to work in a space that feels right.

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