Getting ready…

Hello!  It’s been a busy Spring time and a bit of a strange one – In the UK we had a heatwave in February, the warmest Easter on record and now we look forward to frosts and possibly snow at the start of May. It is the UK though, so we know to expect the unexpected.

cycling, Kuurne Brussels Kuurne

Kuurne Brussels Kuurne – Spring Classic

Speaking personally, it’s been a time of transition and reflection – I have recently had the urge to paint again – alongside working with favourite pens and watercolour. It’s a much slower process but very good. More on that to come in future posts…but it’s exciting!

cycling, Het Niewsblat

Het Niewsblat – Spring Orange

The cycling season began in January and the Spring Classics are all but over, ready for the Grand Tours… I have tried a few new races (to me!) – the Het Niewsblat and Kuurne Brussels Kuurne featured here.

First on the pavés, cycling art

First on the pavés

There is a lovely event that straddles the two, bringing one season to a close and looking forward to the next and that is the Tour de Yorkshire. Now in its fifth year, this race has a firm place on the UK’s sporting calendar.

Cycling art, Tour de France, watercolour pen and ink painting, Yellow bike of Yorkshire by Maxine Dodd

Yellow bike of Yorkshire

The race takes place over four days covering all parts of the county with its dramatic countryside and coastline – rugged and beautiful.

A fine Yorkshire day, by Maxine Dodd

A fine Yorkshire day

So, I’m looking forward to this race, starting again and trying something new – Have a wonderful Spring Bank Holiday and if you are out on your bike – wrap up warm, it’s May!  🙂

Yellow fields of Whitby, by Maxine Dodd

Yellow fields of Whitby


32 Comments on “Getting ready…

  1. I love the colours on the Whitby picture. (I thought it might be Mont St Michel when I first saw the featured image). Love the bike too. (I’ve seen quite a few of them dotted about the county). I can’t wait for the TdF to start and to see your paintings of course… 😊

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  2. Cycling pictures are awesome. I like this first one because it seems less about the speed and more about the progress towards something.

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  3. I like cycling pictures. Most of them seem to emphasize speed. This one however, seems to place greater emphasis on progress towards a goal–I am not an art critic. I just think the head on perspective changes something. I liked it.

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    • That’s a very lovely comment and thank you – I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like this year for various reasons, but hope to be back properly soon. Best wishes, Maxine 🙂


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