La Vuelta 2015 – Impressions from week 1

Hola! What a week it’s been for cyclists and fans alike! Stage 1 saw the team time-trial take place on 14 different road surfaces, an horrendous crash in Stage 2 – one of the biggest stars disqualified… the list goes on! Speaking personally, the gremlins have hit me somewhat this week… a few mechanicals, so to speak. Therefore, I’ve decided to publish the impressions I have made so far and wish you a very warm and happy weekend!
Here are my drawings:

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11 Comments on “La Vuelta 2015 – Impressions from week 1

    • Thank you! I love the abstract elements of the subjects and love expression in the colours, just keep trying to capture them 😀


  1. Love the patterns…lightness…bounce and spontaneity. Think we are somewhat similarly motivated. Have a good day.

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