Tour de France 2021: Stage 9 – Battling the Elements!

Tour de France 2021 - Stage 9, Battling the elements! Original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Tour de France 2021 – Stage 9, Battling the elements

Stage 8 was awful, but the weather on Stage 9 saw a fall of rain of almost biblical proportions – Just horrendous. Cast your mind back to the last time the Tour attempted to finish in Tignes, in 2019, when a landslide caused a dramatic change of plan – Seeing this torrent of rain, it’s easier now to understand why that landslide happened.

My painting shows the Ineo Grenadiers rounding a bend greeted by a group of saturated, caped figures, so wet that you feel the spots might run off… The fans are dedicated too, as members this strange order populated the route throughout – incredible.

A truly dreadful day – mercifully the Rest Day tomorrow.

Hot baths everyone?

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